In our first call with the owner, we focus on understanding the business, operating results, how it is capitalized/owned, the stakeholder's objectives and where they stand in pursuit of those objectives.

Our team has strong investment banking backgrounds, but we facilitate transactions by helping business owners meet ideally qualified investment bankers specific to the business.

No. We introduce ideally qualified, third party, investment bankers to manage the sale process.

Our minimum size is around $10 million in total enterprise value. Once a business falls below that threshold, we find it challenging to introduce a qualified a reputable investment banker to help facilitate a transaction. There are cases where we can introduce an reputable investment banker for businesses below $10 million, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

No, we work closely with the business owner until an investment bank is engaged, and then at that point, the investment banker will take lead on executing the transaction. Where appropriate, we will stay in touch with the investment bank to receive updates as the process unfolds. We are always available to provide client consultation relative the process or advisory relationship.

We get paid if we introduce an investment banker to the client who gets hired and successfully closes on the client's desired transaction. The investment banker will pay us a contingent success-based referral fee.

Foro Capital Markets, LLC (CRD No. 311125) ) (”FCM”) is a registered Capital Acquisition broker-dealer.. The principals of CreoValo, LLC are registered representatives of FCM. Our investment banking partners generally require that a qualified referral be made between registered broker-dealers pursuant to a Referral Agreement relating to same.

Yes. CreoValo will focus on the values of a strong advisor and process, then introduce pre-screened and vetted investment bankers to the client, and help inform the client as to the different questions that are important to ask bankers.

Over the last two decades, our team has developed experiences and relationships with dozens of investment banks through which CreoValo has created a foundation of vetted investment banking firms. We are building on this foundation a proprietary database to further identify appropriate firms and specific bankers within these firms to introduce to prospective owners. Banker selection leverages technology that analyzes several criteria and data sets including transaction size, industry, location, the reputation of the banker, and personal relationship.

We have access to investment bankers who cover virtually every industry in the United States.

No. We are not a principal lender or investor, we introduce investment bankers who provide advice on ideal capital structure and run processes to competitively source such capital.

No. We do not raise capital for start-up or early stage businesses as there are not typically investment bankers involved in these processes.

CreoValo started building out an investment banking network in the fall of 2021 and launched officially in May of 2022.