CreoValo can help you expand and strengthen your client relationships with tools to meet the needs of clients that might sell their business or raise capital. Instead of investment bankers or buyers approaching your clients without your knowledge, we allow you to maintain greater control over your client relationships by partnering with you.

At CreoValo, we are always working with someone else’s clients, and we always make sure that the relationship is enhanced whenever we are involved. We seek to be an advisory resource for you, your clients and your prospects.


Our Process

Wealth Advisors

Attorneys & Accountants

Wealth Advisors

Expand Your Value Proposition

Many financial advisors that work with high-net-worth clients and prospects have something in common with their business clients–they own their own business and share their clients’ entrepreneurial spirit. CreoValo is an institutional solution that can help financial advisors outcompete wirehouses and large banks for the high-net-worth business owner.

Partner B2B CFO

We can assist you in growing your book of high-net-worth business owners. CreoValo can equip you with tools to meet the needs of a business owner, preparing you to control this aspect of your client relationship.  Instead of having an investment bank with a wealth management arm approach your client, we work with investment banks that have a vested interest in you managing or continuing to manage the business owner's assets.

Ken Jacobson

They provided my client with both a local and a national investment banking choice. They coordinated a robust interview process, and my clients were impressed by the caliber of bankers who were introduced. My client ended up hiring the national investment bank that exceeded my client's expectations in terms of the total transaction value.

Our Purpose

Our Process

Advisor Training

CreoValo partners with advisors to provide a premium service to their business owner clients and prospects. Unlike large wirehouses, our independence allows us to put your client’s interests and your interests first.

Advisor Partnering

We can help train advisors on how to uncover liquidity opportunities, how to have strategic conversations, and how to deliver corporate finance services without being an investment banker.

Our Team can assist with:

Attorneys & Accountants

We routinely help attorneys, accountants as well as their clients, and their potential prospects identify, and select appropriate investment banks to consider hiring. The CreoValo team works closely and alongside the advisor to become an extension of their team supporting the client.

Attorneys and accountants are positioned to be trusted partners by helping business owners uncover strategic alternatives, and when appropriate, the ideal investment banker to assist them. Such bankers bring proprietary industry knowledge and key experience to achieve better results for the business owner. 

Partnering with Creovalo

Our Process

In our first call with the owner, we focus on understanding the business, how it is capitalized, and the stakeholder's objectives.

Business Owner Consultation

The CreoValo team can help companies prepare for banker introductions by confirming the desired transaction, enhancing business attractiveness, and clarifying expectations bankers will have.

Company Preparation

At no cost to the client, CreoValo can help identify, select and introduce the appropriate investment banks and vetted investment bankers out of our proprietary network drawn from a database of over 6,000 firms¹.

Investment Banker Introductions

Clients will often get to hear from selected investment banks on various topics such as industry dynamics, strategic alternatives (M&A, capital raising, IPO, etc.), timing considerations, valuation, and potential acquirers.

Investment Banking Presentations

The decision to engage an investment banker is solely the client’s decision. Once engaged and a transaction successfully closes, CreoValo will receive a success-based referral fee from the investment bank. We do not get paid unless a transaction successfully closes.

Investment Bank Selections

Mindful that all transactions are inherently confidential, CreoValo will seek to keep the advisor informed as appropriate.

Keeping You Informed


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