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CreoValo is built to help business owners navigate the alternatives they have when considering a sale of their business, as well as the options available for raising capital. With over 6,000 Investment Banks and Merger & Acquisition firms in the U.S., it can be challenging for a business owner to know which one is best to sell their business.  The team at CreoValo has helped over 1,000 business owners identify and select an ideally qualified investment bank. CreoValo never charges a business owner for its services.



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Business Owner Consultation

In our first call with the owner, we focus on understanding the business, how it is capitalized and the stakeholder's objectives.



Education on Strategic Alternatives

Once we have gained an understanding of the owner’s business and goals, we can explain to the owner the options or “strategic alternatives” available to them to best achieve those goals.


Introduction to Investment Bankers

When the business owner is ready, CreoValo can introduce qualified investment bankers to share their experience in managing the process and achieving an optimal outcome.

Our team at CreoValo has empowered over a thousand business owners to confidently tackle this process. We instill confidence by helping to understand the unique issues of their business to better educate them on the process of selling or raising capital. 

Business Owners Have Options

Part of CreoValo’s function is to help business owners understand their wide array of available options ("strategic alternatives").



Strategic Alternatives


Total Liquidity


Growth Capital

Strategic Sale

ESOP Transaction

Majority Recapitalization

Minority Recapitalization

Debt Recapitalization

Status Quo

Increased Liquidity; Decreased Ownership

Status Quo
This is the benchmark scenario in which the company continues to operate in its existing condition. A transaction is not pursued in this scenario, and it is used as the basis against which all other strategic alternatives are compared.

Growth Capital
This alternative provides shareholders with capital and potentially a unique partner to help grow the business.

Debt Recapitalization
This alternative provides shareholders with a moderate form of liquidity (roughly 25% of enterprise value). This is the most straightforward path to creating liquidity and seldom dilutes current shareholders.

Minority Recapitalization
This represents a partial liquidity shareholder liquidity event (20% to 49% of enterprise value). This alternative is often pursued by companies with a need for shareholder monetization or growth opportunities and lack sufficient borrowing capacity. New shareholders will often request board rights.

ESOP Transaction
An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) represents a partial liquidity event (30% to 50% of enterprise value) and provides the only legislated tax-advantaged sale of equity for a private company shareholder. This transactions provides several tax advantages for both the owner and company. 

Majority Recapitalization
This alternative produces a change of control transaction, in turn providing shareholder liquidity of 60% to 80% of enterprise value. Incoming investors will request board control and privileges in exchange for the liquidity event.

Strategic Sale
Sale of the entire company, representing 100% of the enterprise value and often leads to the highest company valuation. 

The team got involved by providing strategic advice which helped us navigate the investment bank selection process as well as how to best steer toward a potential sale. The team introduced several highly qualified investment banks of various sizes, cultures and geographic footprints who all gave formal proposals. We ended up waiting on the sale process, but in the end selected an investment bank introduced by the team, and the expertise in managing the process, led to an optimal outcome for the family.

Former President & CEO of Fleet Car Carriers



We approached the team to help us find the best investment banker who would position us appropriately in the open market. The team was able to introduce us to a banker whose transaction experience aligned in terms of market, revenue, EBITDA and character. We ended up selling to a PE sponsor and rolling our equity, and we successfully took a second bite of the apple several years later using the same banker.

Former President of Mobile Air


CreoValo Around the U.S. & the Globe

Many of the investment banks CreoValo introduces to business owners have offices, personnel, and affiliates around the globe, which facilitates access to international strategic and financial buyers.

Our firsthand experience with thousands of investment bankers gives us the unique capability of curating only those of the greatest integrity and execution capability who are selected based on many criteria, including industry, transaction size, and location.

Investment bankers spend careers developing extraordinary knowledge in certain industries, and our network was built to tap into that specialized knowledge on behalf of our clients. Over the last 30 years, our partners have executed transactions in virtually every sector or sub-sector of the global economy.

1 Pitchbook Data, Inc.; 2 CreoValo works with investment banks that agree to share a part of their success fee with CreoValo if and when a transaction closes.