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we Leverage Technology Coupled with Experience to pair Business Owners with,Who We believe to be  Qualified & Vetted Professionals

Drawing upon decades of M&A experience, our team has curated a database of reputable investment banks. We take pride in our personalized approach, diligently striving to understand each client's unique needs and objectives. Our role is to connect you with qualified professionals dedicated to assisting you in sourcing capital or executing a sale with confidentiality.

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The team at CreoValo has helped thousands of business owners through the process of selling their business or raising capital. Based on your specific industry and goals, we search our network to make impactful connections.

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Our current network encompasses over 70 investment banks spanning over 75 countries, all carefully vetted through our process. The team at CreoValo has over 20 years of experience working with these bankers.

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Our goal at CreoValo is to continuously expand our network by collaborating with the most talented investment bankers across all industries. We are committed to assisting business owners in maximizing the value of their companies when selling. Our ultimate passion lies in connecting entrepreneurs with vetted professionals who can help them explore all strategic alternatives. By fostering these partnerships and leveraging our expertise, we aim to empower entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and achieve their business objectives with confidence.

In our first call, we seek to understand your business and goals. Whether you're ready to sell today, looking to raise capital or planning for the future, no conversation is too early.

Our Goal

We know that you are an expert on your business but you might not be an expert on selling one. In this step, we seek to educate you on the process, your options, and next steps.

We do not charge business owners for our services. Instead, our compensation is contingent upon the closure of a deal. Our fee is collected from the Investment Bank we introduce to facilitate the transaction.

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Our team has 80+ years of collective M&A transaction experience, with each member bringing a unique perspective and skill set.

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